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Who Is Empower LO & Why Are They Going

All-In On Go HighLevel?

Who We Are

In 2018, our founder Michael McAllister reverse-engineered the secrets that big mortgage corporations use to dominate their markets and became a top-performing LO in MONTHS! 

After several people approached him about buying his system, he created Empower LO, to help regular LOs beat mega-corporations by arming them with the knowledge and strategies typically reserved for industry giants.

Today we have clients in hundreds of markets, we have managed over $3,000,000 in Google Pay Per Click Ad Spend, over $50,000 in Facebook Ad Spend, and over $5,000 in TikTok Ad Spend.

Now instead of following the lead of the corporations, we're the pros leading the charge to change the mortgage industry!

Why Go HighLevel

Before using GHL we were stuck in the same boat as everyone else, cobbling together a bunch of different systems, software, processes, and jumping back and forth between all of them, wasting time and loosing details. Then we discovered GHL and jumped on board!

In the beginning GHL was buggy AF, facing the usual tech growing pains, and we're STILL here now because we see just how much value this platform has to offer LOs looking to increase their mortgage business.

We are ALL IN on Go HighLevel being the ultimate mortgage marketing platform.

For years we've worked with hundreds of loan officers around the country to collect data and dial in our white-labeled platform specifically for the mortgage industry.

It is those experiences which have shown us exactly how much GHL has to offer, and one of the factors that makes our GHL knowledge so useful.

We've ran into glitches, compliance issues, tech updates, if there's a GHL problem, we've probably ran head-first into it already and found a way around or through it! So why should you have to do the same? Just reach out in the group, and learn from those who had to do it the hard way.

Who Should (Or Shouldn't) Apply For This Group?

People We Will Let In:

  • Motivated Loan Officers Looking To Grow Their Businesses

  • Mortgage Marketing Professionals Assisting Loan Officers

  • Mortgage Professionals Who Are Using/Have Used Go HighLevel

  • Empower LO Clients

  • Likeminded Professionals Who Want To Contribute To The Growth Of The Industry

  • Those New To Or Interested In Learning More About Go HighLevel

  • New LOs Starting Their Careers

  • LOs Looking To Get Acquainted With New Tech

People We Will Not Let In:

  • Professionals ONLY Looking To Network

  • Scammers/Spammers/Trolls And The Like

  • Promotors/Advertisers For Other Mortgage Services/Software

  • People Who Skip Group Entry Questions

  • Fake Looking/Minimally Filled Out Profiles

  • People Not Curious About Go HighLevel or Empower LO

  • Nonmortgage Industry Professionals

  • People Completely Satisfied With The Mortgage Industry As Is

What's Empower LO Getting Out Of This?

We Value Transparency, So We'll Be Honest:

  • The More We Know About What LOs Want & Need, The Better We Become

  • Making Knowledge Accessible Reveals More Opportunities For Growth & Innovation

  • Group Engagement Let's Us Know What Content To Create & When

  • Our Experts Get To Nerd-Out On A Subject They Love - Go HighLevel

  • Hey, Maybe Some Of You Will Love Empower LO And Want To Make Our Relationship Official By Becoming A Client......Or Not.... It's Cool 😉

With Our Years Of Expertise Using

Go HighLevel In The Mortgage Industry You Can:

  • Beat The Competition With Early Access To Mortgage Playbooks Addressing The Largest Issues Facing LOs

    (Our fav is the Mortgage Conversion Playbook , you can get it in the group Welcome Post!)

  • Stay Ahead Of The Game With Expert Solutions & Workarounds

  • Keep Your Mortgage Process Running Smoothly With Fast Fixes & Workarounds For The Latest Go HighLevel Updates

  • Find Information About GHL WHEN You Need It