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3 Keys To Converting Mortgage

Leads Over Text

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3 Keys To Converting Mortgage Leads Over Text

Close More Deals & Make More Money With 3 Proven Mortgage Lead Conversion Keys Created With Data From Hundreds Of

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The Problem

  • EVERYONE is texting nowadays, and your prospect will text you and get answers, or they'll go to a Realtor, another LO, or really any other financial professional

  • Engaging with prospects the way we would with friends, where we EXPECT them to respond, even if they aren't getting anything out of the conversation

  • Prospects will text you and ghost you in the same day

The Solution

  • The Same Timing Strategies for Converting Online Leads We Coach Our Clients With To Help Them Achieve a 50+% Response Rate

  • Communication Tips To Build Your Relationships And Eliminate Friction

  • Text Examples And Scenarios To Develop Your Professional Texting Skills

Snippet from inside 3 keys to converting mortgage leads over text. Heading number 3 says Don't Close The Door On Your Lead Always Leave it Open. There is text and a phone conversation below that.

"What Is Empower LO Anyways?"

At Empower LO, we’re here to change the way the mortgage game is played. We’re a hands-on, innovation-focused mortgage lead generation company. And we’re quite literally changing the game by bringing you, the individual loan officer, the lead secrets the big guys have been hiding for years

With a range of innovative features such as the ability to manage/respond to leads automatically, make calls and texts from various phone numbers, easily manage your pipeline visually, and create emails efficiently, Empower LO is the ultimate solution for all mortgage brokers.

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"I run a lead generation company for loan officers, and we can see just how much the communication between lender and borrower has changed. We’re leaving voicemails, text messages, and emails for the leads we generate with the option for the lead to respond in any way that is comfortable for them, and between 70-80% of the engagements our clients receive from their leads come from text messages"


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